A Peek into the Problems of Real Estate Accounting

Working at a Real Estate firm back in 2010, our back-office software was clunky and inefficient. Its reports were hard to understand and didn’t tell us what we needed to know. This problem, I learned, afflicts the whole industry. Trust accounting is complex, and any software for Real Estate has to work for escrow states and Canadian markets. Different Brokerages … Read More

The Real Return on Taking your Back Office Digital

If you’re a Brokerage still sitting on desktop software and paper-based workflows you’ve got to understand that while today it costs you time and money, it may just cost you your competitive advantage within a few short years.   2020 has had everyone reeling, a virus and a lockdown have not made it easy on Real Estate or the millions … Read More

Desktop software costs you more than you think

We recently read a review of back-office technology and noticed that most Brokerages in North America are still slaves to their offices because of their archaic desktop software.   Given today’s technology, this is a shocking revelation!   Real Estate is a mobile business and everyone is on the go all the time – at least they should be. Look, we all … Read More

How Loft47 Turned Real Estate Agent,Ted Schaar’s, Life Around Financially

How Loft47 turned my life around (financially…at least). I was one of those agents who just paid everything out of whatever credit card or checking account that had money available to use. I ran fast and didn’t have time for bookkeeping. Still don’t to this day! Low and behold, I was a financial mess. Not only did I hate paying … Read More

How to Choose the Right Integrations for your Real Estate Brokerage

When I entered the workforce, software was all about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. These mammoth systems had it all — everything for everybody and every department yet no one could figure out how to use them. We ended up with a lot of garbage-data in and even more garbage-data out. Fast-forward to today, when being in the cloud and … Read More