Introducing the QuickBooks Online Integration

We’re proud to announce the launch of our QuickBooks Online integration. This integration is a game changer for QuickBooks Online clients using spreadsheets or other commission tracking tools who need to manually key data into multiple systems.

As a Real Estate accounting and commission management tool we believe strongly in leveraging best in class tools to scale up and automate back office operations, and QuickBooks Online is now part of our core offering. To learn why we produce deep accounting integrations read our blog on the case for Accounting integrations vs. Integrated Accounting.

This integration does it all, Including:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Reduce errors resulting from manual journal entries
  • Sync contacts and records between systems
  • Sync and manage Agent monthly billing balances and commissions
  • Manage Trust and Escrow subledger accounts for auditing
  • Map workflows and rules based on how you use your bank accounts
  • Create commission fees for various GL accounts
  • Create and track fees payable to external parties
  • Record commissions and earnings paid at the table
  • Automate accounting entries to record and clear company liabilities

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