Curtis Stasiuk: How MaxWell Progressive Embraced Automation

Curtis Stasiuk is no stranger to nurturing his goals, with the right tools in hand, of course. Having started MaxWell Progressive as a small four-agent brokerage in Edmonton, Curtis grew the operation to the 2 office, 130 agent operation that it is today. You don’t get the MaxWell Realty’s prestigious Diamond Award or Edmonton Real Estate Board’s Realtor’s Medallion without excellent time management and a serious determination for success.

How exactly does one manage 2 locations and over 100 agents? With automation. Loft47 gives brokerages like MaxWell Progressive the freedom to automate manual work and the flexibility to work with teams in multiple locations. Curtis appreciates the fact that he can progress through the deal process with his agents from anywhere at any time, “I can approve checks and approve deals from either office or on the couch at my house”.

Working with a big team of agents requires a high level of customization. In Loft47, Curtis can get as specific as he needs when it comes to fee structures and commission plans. Plus, his conveyancers and administrative staff love the fact that the automated accounting ledgers ensure that all deals are in compliance.

Support Through Growth and Change

Loft47 is there for you as your brokerage grows and changes. MaxWell Progressive has tapped into Loft47’s ample support when needed, with a support response time of under 5 minutes and services like Let Loft Do it. Loft47 also integrates with popular tools already being used in many brokerages. Initially, when Curtis and his team first started using Loft47, his team was inputting deals manually, but after being introduced to SkySlope (one of Loft47’s three transaction management integrations, along with Dotloop and DocuSign Rooms) they were able to further increase their time savings. SkySlope is now used by all MaxWell Progressive agents for document management. The administrative staff can then bring over the deals into Loft47 for deal management operations. This includes sending conveyancing instructions, adding deposits, and completing all commission payouts. MaxWell Progressive also takes full advantage of Loft47’s integration with Xero for their accounting needs. Once the agents are paid in Loft47, their cheques are produced and the accounts are reconciled in Xero, for a quick and painless process.

The time savings is not the only thing that Loft47 has brought to MaxWell Progressive. “It takes the stress away”, Curtis shared, when asked about his favorite thing about the transaction management tool. “It’s hard to quantify my favourite thing about Loft47 because, in general, it’s made my day-to-day job way easier and more efficient” shared Shay, MaxWell Progressive’s Office Administrator and Conveyancer. Curtis and his team are freed from unnecessary data entry and time-consuming administrative tasks that would otherwise take them away from their craft – selling homes.

Automate Teamwork 

The clean and modern approach of the app has brought clarity to their office, “Loft47 has changed things in the office on a daily basis. “We stopped printing paper, no more sitting and printing out deals!”, Curtis shared. In regards to collaboration with a large team, Curtis enthusiastically describes the collaborative experience, “I can collaborate with the agents, as can my admin staff. You can see when your agents have uploaded documents. It’s total transparency for both parties. It makes managing an office a lot easier”. Loft47 makes working within your brokerage easier, but also acknowledges the need for a streamlined system to work with external parties. The problem that many brokerages face today continues to be the fact that document and data sharing with multiple parties can get extremely messy. Loft47 ensures that data and documents from buyers and sellers, real estate agents, legal and escrow companies, loan officers, and insurance agents are all in one place. 

Ready to automate your Brokerage? Book a demo and discover how Loft47 can transform your operations today.

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