Driving Back Office Technology Changes in Brokerages

Brokerages have had to make huge changes in the past year, with little to no warning. While many industries are known for continual change, Real Estate Brokerages don’t typically make changes to their back office operations without a compelling reason. Most Brokerages make technology changes to replace legacy, non-integrated solutions that have aged out of their usefulness.

Change in business practices are fairly common but that does not mean it is easy to accomplish. We have a couple of simple, yet effective suggestions for managing a successful transition.

Communicate a clear vision

Making changes that stick require buy-in from the staff / team members affected. Having a clear vision of the goal you are looking to achieve by imposing changes is imperative. Sharing that vision with your team will make a big difference in how smoothly the transition from old methods to modern workflow goes.

Have and share a plan

Making a plan for the change is important, as even small changes can be difficult to implement. Laying out a timeline & the steps required to move from the old workflow & technology to the new will help lay the groundwork. Even employees with an open mind and willingness to change will feel the loss of their routine and will miss feeling like an expert in the way they previously accomplished their duties.

Consider your vendors as partners in the transition

It is typical when making big changes that things get worse before they get better. It requires people to move out of their comfort zone. The objective is to make the adjustment period as short and pain free as possible. Brokerages can accomplish this by making sure to select a replacement technology company that provides hands on training & other supporting resources such as videos, help articles and hyper-responsive support.

Modernizing your Brokerage is about a willingness to recognize what is not working, select replacement systems that will modernize your office, share your vision & goals, plan the change & implement with strong vendor support and a hefty helping of empathy for your staff!

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