Loft47’s Development Roadmap

2020 is squarely in the rear view mirror and we have been itching to share our plans for 2021 and beyond. As a financial and accounting tool, Loft47 is more than just commission payout software and we’re doubling down on our financial focus.

Integrations are a big part of what we do well at Loft47 and much of our time spent in 2020 was improving and expanding our core integrations which include XeroDotloopDocuSign Rooms and Skyslope and iFranchise. With the QuickBooks Online integration launched and live we are turning our attention inward.

Accurate financial tools and insight are the backbone for a healthy, growing and successful Brokerage. As experts in Real Estate Accounting, in 2021 we are expanding our tools to provide better tracking, communication and reporting of your valuable financial data.

Better Reporting

We’re kicking off this year’s development with a deep integration into Google Drive to automatically upload and update your Real Estate production data. We’re excited to build this integration as it allows our clients to choose from multiple metric tracking tools. We will be offering templates to use with Google Data Studio, users can use this free tool to build and share rich information with any key stakeholders with automatic updates. Blend data with numerous other data sources including your transaction management platform or accounting data from Xero or QuickBooks Online.

Enhanced Deal Communications

We get a lot of feedback from clients on how we can deliver a better experience when it comes to sharing and communicating commission and payment instructions. Over the next few months we will be gathering data to fine tune how to better meet your needs and track communication activity.

New Listing functionality and Budgeting

We know our listings management needs a little love! While we’re in there we’ll be building out budgeting and expense tracking tools to allow Agents and Brokerages a clear line of sight to listing profitability and trends.

Agent Profitability

We want to help you gauge how profitable listings are as well as how profitable Agents are to the Brokerage. We will be working with your accounting tools to merge Agent commission income, billing income and expenses to better understand how your Agents contribute to the bottom line.