Loft47’s Development Roadmap

2020 is squarely in the rear view mirror and we have been itching to share our plans for 2021 and beyond. As a financial and accounting tool, Loft47 is more than just commission payout software and we’re doubling down on our financial focus. Integrations are a big part of what we do well at Loft47 and much of our time … Read More

The Case for Accounting Integrations vs Integrated Accounting

The landscape of technology is always shifting. In recent years we’ve moved from large monolithic applications installed on our servers or desktops to hyper-focused mobile applications that target specific problems for specific industries. This trend is valuable for problem-solving but creates a new challenge for users accustomed to working on a single product and getting comprehensive information from that system. … Read More

10 Reasons You Need to Go to Xerocon

Xerocon! It’s the largest accounting technology conference for progressive accounting firms and partners, hosted by the infamous, Xero. Their aim is to inspire the next generation of accountants and advisors by building and promoting the biggest network of the coolest cloud solutions. Xero is creating leaders in the transformation to digital business. Xero and Loft47 We’ve been partners with Xero since … Read More

We’re Attending Inman Connect in Fabulous Las Vegas!

Visit us at Inman Connect, Las Vegas, BOOTH 431. Inman Connect is a residential real estate event, starting July 22nd — a weeklong exploration of the present and future of the industry, featuring inspiring speakers, engaging conversation, and A+ networking. This year in Las Vegas, over 4,000+ top-producing agents, independent brokers, franchise executives, MLS and association leaders, tech entrepreneurs and marketing executives … Read More

4 Reasons We Loved Xerocon in Atlanta

The question comes to mind, why exactly was Xerocon so good? Xero is known for hosting amazing conferences, so why was this one so special? I believe the answer lies in a bunch of smaller components that came together to make for an amazing overall experience. 1. The venue selected offered a fantastic layout for the sponsors. It was very easy to see who was there … Read More

Recap: Xerocon, Atlanta, June 6-7, 2018

Last week Xero hosted the world’s most beautiful and innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders in the US, Canada, and the Americas where hundreds of Accountants, Bookkeepers and App Partners merged together for Xerocon. And we were there! Four members of the Loft47 team and one Loft47 power-user customer made their way to Atlanta to play a part in showcasing the coolest cloud-based … Read More

Nail Your Niche Market at Xerocon Atlanta

Loft47 + Xero The Xero Marketplace is a rich resource for accounting practices looking to expand their offerings and focus on specialization. There are many app partners that address niche markets and expand on Xero’s incredible functionality. These app partners offer customized solutions solving specific industry challenges. Small businesses often benefit from accounting experts who add additional value to those offerings. Loft47 … Read More

Migrating your Real Estate Data

Legacy applications versus new web based systems is hot topic of discussion in the Real Estate Brokerage world. It’s no surprise that when you’re considering a new back office system you start thinking about data. We talk data migration all the time. Data is a wonderful thing, when we have the ability to use it. At Loft47 we want to … Read More

Recap: Broker Owner Conference in San Francisco, August 20 – 22, 2017

A Golden Welcome The Loft47 team is back from a quick 4-day visit to San Francisco for the annual Broker Owner Conference (BOC). We were stoked to be in southern California for the big show and even caught a quick peek of the amazing 2017 eclipse! The welcome reception dinner cruise was beautiful and facilitated our first time seeing San … Read More