Webinar Recap: It’s About the $. How & Why Brokerages Go Digital

Going digital isn’t just a good idea — it’s one of the smartest business decisions a Brokerage can make.

Inman Demo Day

In our sponsored Inman webinar, It’s All About the Money — How and Why Brokerages Go Digital, we got the opportunity to talk about our two main joys as a business — helping Brokerages save money and the most effective use of their data.

Tracy presented a breakdown of the costs associated with data re-entry and the amount of time and money a Brokerage could save by moving to a digital system. She also highlighted some of the advantages of using a system like Loft47:

  • fees and deduction automation
  • in-app approvals and communication
  • closings and payouts
  • reporting – franchise

Dotloop Integration

Our integration partner, dotloop, also made an appearance at the webinar.

Cameron explained why dotloop was rated the #1 transaction platform in real estate. As a single end-to-end solution, it includes:

  • form-creation
  • sharing your data
  • e-signing
  • compliance
  • data storage

Here is a one minute video showing how easy it is to pull in data you’ve already entered into dotloop, to Loft47:

To view the full 30 minute webinar, click here.

By automating your back-office operations, leveraging your data with integrations and streamlining your workflows, you can save time and money by avoiding data-entry.

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