The Future of Tools for an Efficient Brokerage

As a business owner I struggle everyday to find systems that work together, to help myself and my team become more efficient. There are so many pieces needed to make an office hum smoothly.

Loft47 uses accounting, CRMs, lead management, billing systems, websites, and newsletter services; and that‘s just scratching the surface. To make the systems worthwhile, it’s important that they integrate painlessly and limit data-duplication.

The Failure of Some Real Estate Specific Tools

Real Estate has its own needs and Broker owners have the unique problem of running a business, while helping their agents run theirs. So not only do they have the same challenges that Loft47 faces, they have more.

I had the privilege of seeing the challenges firsthand, so I created Loft47 to address them and cut down on a Broker’s workload.

It takes an incredible amount of effort to pull together the back office of Real Estate. The industry has historically held data hostage, so as other industries are innovating with the growth of technology, Real Estate is falling behind. We think that the longer you wait, the harder it could get to pull the data into future-proof systems.

If an agent on a transaction is already entering all the details for a deal into one system, why make them do it again?

If a Brokerage has access to that information why key it in again?

Automation is a Solution

If you could push your data into a system that allows a Brokerage to both review and approve all the compliance and payroll information without having a messy stack of documents being passed around several offices, why wait to upgrade?

Our focus is on helping Brokerages, so whether you have multiple and complex split levels, special deductions or franchise requirements, we can help to automate them all.

While automation can’t solve all the challenges a Brokerage faces, it can certainly knock some of them down. We’re excited to showcase how a Brokerage can leave legacy systems behind and open the door to connections and mobility that make you work smarter and free your data from captivity.

Automation with Integrations

We’re big fans of collaboration! And that means integrating with systems that help Brokerages run more efficiently.

Two of our integration partners are Xero Accounting and dotloop. We love these companies because they share a similar philosophy to ours on why companies should share information — you can either spend time and money building out features on your own tool or integrate with a team that’s already doing it so well.

If you’re interested in learning how we all fit together, join us for our upcoming webinar on March 15th, hosted by Inman News.

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