Saving people time is the ultimate show of respect

As we continue our journey forward with onboarding new clients to Loft47, we receive the same comments about the thrill of seeing ALL Real Estate deal information (financial included) + documents in ONE program. One of our newest clients exclaimed ‘This is what I wanted all along – to see everything together!’ I have to say, after working in Real Estate technology for 13 + years, that was super gratifying to hear.

We realized early on in providing deal processing & financial tools to Agents, Brokers & Administrators, it was all about time. One of our extremely valued mentors (who shall remain nameless on request) often reminds us ‘Saving people time is the ultimate show of respect’. In my day-to-day work I know it really grinds my gears when I have to copy and paste information, manually email everyone (& sometimes their dog) or jump from electronic place to place to gather what I need to complete tasks!

We have all read advice on time saving hacks, and most of them relate to adopting technology, standardization of practices & procedures, and using the cloud in various forms. One thing we found lacking is the time saving benefits of full collaboration. In our opinion that is key. It is well and good to be able to access important information from anywhere, but if you spend time sharing & sending that information to various parties, those types of activities just suck up the minutes. They can be avoided by using purpose built technology that focuses on automating work flow while keeping collaboration with the stakeholders at the TOP of the priority heap.

Time always = Money, but Time also = Respect and we have plenty of respect for the busy professionals in the Real Estate Industry. Thanks for reading, and hey, while you are at it, make it a great day!