Migrating your Real Estate Data

Legacy applications versus new web based systems is hot topic of discussion in the Real Estate Brokerage world. It’s no surprise that when you’re considering a new back office system you start thinking about data.

We talk data migration all the time.

Data is a wonderful thing, when we have the ability to use it. At Loft47 we want to bring as much data over as possible and better, we don’t need you to do it! We do all the heavy lifting to ensure that your data moves from the old system to our platform.

To minimize the impact of a change on your staff and Agents, we grab as much data from your system as we can. We want the transition to be seamless in the eyes of your Agents so we deliver year to date information that effects your fee structures before you go live.

Agents can log in from day one to view their year to date data as well as their deal pipeline.

The type of information we migrate includes;

  • Agent profile detail
  • Agent assignment of deductions and overrides per Agent
  • Supplier list
  • GL accounts
  • Chargeable item codes with GL assignment
  • Year-to-date production by Agent
  • Year-to-date deductions by Agent

We believe in using data to drive your coaching and decisions for your Brokerages. Contact us to learn more about effective integrations and best practices.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience!