Loft47 @ RealogyFWD

With the #RealogyFWD event quickly approaching, we have been focused on our message & presentation. We have learned a ton about creating a five-minute presentation. It is an interesting timeframe to pack in enough information to be useful and engaging, without cramming it with too much content. It was quickly discovered that too much content can easily get really confusing. Picking words as if they are worth $25 each has been challenging and very rewarding. I highly recommend the exercise of building a solid, audience worthy, 5-minute demo pitch to all entrepreneurs or anyone with a sales role. As a part of our preparation we have taken a good look at the other 14 companies selected to showcase their products. We feel very fortunate to be in such good company! We are always very interested to see what others are doing to disrupt the market place related to agents, buyers and sellers. With Loft47 being hyper focused on the back office operation, taking brokerages truly digital and outsourcing the back office deal function, it was an interesting diversion. That exercise actually enhanced our final presentation closing, as Loft47 is in the business of giving time back to brokers, owners and managers so they can redirect their energies to providing their agents and clients with these types of innovative technologies

We are sincerely looking forward to seeing all of the presentations. Thanks for reading, feel free to watch our 5-minute pitch at 10:40 EST June 21st via live stream! And hey, while you are at it, make it a great day!