Loft47 post RealogyFWD

The #RealogyFWD event was an amazing experience! It was a whirlwind 3000-mile trip (x2), in just a short 3 days. The meet and greet event that took place the evening before the event was a fantastic opportunity to meet the other contestants, and it was somewhat heartening to find that we were not the only ones with butterflies in our stomachs!

On presentation day 5 minutes seemed to go by in 2.5. We appreciated the sentiment of this tweet by Joseph Rand, @josephrand: “Next up at #RealogyFWD— @loft_47 is taking on the Herculean task of managing the average real estate transaction. Tough to present in 5 mins”

There was great diversity among the presenting companies, with 3 teams of ladies and 12 made up of fellas. Integration was definitely a hot topic with the majority of the group, including Loft47. We enjoyed all of the presentations, and remained very impressed with the level of ingenuity, hard work and drive displayed by our 14 companion companies. Our heartfelt congratulations to New Story, and runners up First & Preclose.

With such an amazing audience we were fortunate to connect with so many smart and open brokers, who are always looking for interesting new methods of doing business. We are looking forward to the future, working with the Brokerages we have meetings with, and forging ahead with Realogy!

You can view the entire event and our 5 minutes here.