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Loft47 & Dotloop

Loft47 unveils integration with dotloop to streamline data flow from front office transaction and compliance, to back office accounting for real estate teams and brokerages


Fresh out of the REALOGY FWD innovation summit, Loft47 innovates again to push the limits in speed and simplicity of real estate accounting through integration with dotloop.

Loft47, the solution for real estate transaction and accounting services, unleashes the fastest and easiest way to do real estate accounting with a new integration with dotloop. Dotloop is the leading platform for simplifying the real estate buying and selling process.

The integration allows transaction details from a dotloop powered real estate team or brokerage to flow to Loft47 and automate the accounting process, all while eliminating duplicate data entry.

“This integration is an example of unifying two business processes and innovative solutions to deliver significant customer value,” says Austin Allison, Founder and general manager of dotloop. “Our mission from day one was to help people work better together and this is another example of doing just that.”

This partnership brings together two complementary services to align the real estate transaction and compliance process. Real estate teams and brokerages can now spend more time with clients and focus on growing new business by spending less time pushing paper and adding data to multiple platforms.

“Dotloop is the only single solution to get transactions done and manage compliance, and it’s built for brokerages like mine,” says Tiffany Kjellander, Owner of Better Homes and Gardens, PorchLight Properties. “After seeing Loft47 at REALOGY FWD and their simplicity, ease of use and innovative approach to accounting, it’s clear why this partnership makes sense. This integration allows my agents and me to be more productive and efficient.”

From the offer, through to the payout, this partnership has it covered.

This new integration is available to more than 4,000 real estate teams and brokerages that choose dotloop to run a better business, and the many agents that trust dotloop to get deals done.

“Top brokers and teams choose dotloop for optimal productivity and efficiency across the transaction and deal management process,” says Sasha Hryciuk, Founder and CEO of Loft47. “Both dotloop and Loft47 are complementary with a focus on ease of use. Our clients will enjoy a whole new level of efficiency in back office operations.”

Loft47 is a simple Real Estate back office system that enforces financial compliance, generates deal fees, agent deductions, and automates payouts; allowing you to reconcile your books using reliable accounting software.

Loft47 leverages the work completed in dotloop. Transactional data, contacts, and documents are automatically synced to Loft47, reducing error, minimizing bookkeeping and saving our clients bundles of time.

Loft47 has team members that collaborate with brokerages across the United States and Canada. We take care of the difficult office work for so you can concentrate on what you do best: Real Estate!

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