Happy Holidays and a very Digital New Year!

We are relishing the cheer & bustle of the holiday season. Loft47 is thankful to have had a fantastic year, and sincerely hope the same for our clients, partners and acquaintances.

It has been great to see many blockchain articles this year, specifically discussing Real Estate contracts, we look forward to new developments in 2017. The future of digital business is bright!

Our events this year have been greatly enjoyed.

We love working with our current client group, and look forward to adding many brokerages in 2017.

Our Q1-2 milestones for 2017 are:

  • Dotloop Integration phase I – released on time
  • Listing Data & Management – released early!
  • Rets.ly Data Feed for MLS data – released on time
  • The Amazing Team Configuration Blast – released early!
  • Dotloop Integration phase II – released on time
  • Big Dashboard Graph Reporting Release – on target
  • Loft47 API for general integrations – on target
  • API for Agents > Xero Accounting feed – coming soon
  • Enhanced franchise reporting, third party connectivity & partnerships – ongoing

We are excited about all the milestones. The Agent API to their own personal Xero, and the related https://www.xero.com/us/taxtouch/ is a huge BONUS to agents, to be able to automate their books.

Our mission to positively impact every stakeholder group in our sphere is greatly moved forward with the API Agent>Xero accomplishment. We look forward to making business reporting easier each step of the way.

We are empowering brokerages to be digital in 2017 — check our video & join the movement today!

Season’s Greetings,

Your Loft47 Team