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Need further customization? Let Loft47 create custom reports and dashboards - merge other sources of data in your dashboard like your accounting records, listing management, lead nurturing CRM, or transaction management. Custom reports and blending are available at $75/hour.

The Loft47 Pro Suite

At long last, Loft47 has delivered an essential feature set specifically designed for high performing Brokerages and Teams.

What you can do with Loft47 Pro:

  • Visualize important KPIs and goals with up-to-date interactive data.
  • Customized reporting can be created upon request!

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LOFT47 Data

Access all of your Real Estate financial data, updated daily for your unlimited use.

Visualize your Data, your way

  • Use our standard reporting templates for Google Data Studio - or pull your data into your analytics tool of choice.
  • Design and create your own dashboards
  • Build and share reports with your Agents
  • Compare goals to Brokerage, Team or Agent performance
  • Compare commission production by time period
  • Visualize metrics like lead sources, average commissions, pending and posted commissions


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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Curtis Stasiuk Jan. 1, 2022

    Loft47 is modern, agile, and allows me to work between two offices. I can approve checks and approve deals from either office or on the couch at my house.

  • Claire Wellman-HoaglundNov 21, 2020Honestly the best customer service I could ever hope for. This program is amazing and the customer support is top notch. Thank you for all your help! I can’t tell you how many times you have saved me from a major headache!
  • Kim MagginiDec. 14, 2021

    As a broker, it's very important to monitor your agents' production on a consistent basis. Trends of production not only assist in determining financial aspects of the company, but also training, marketing and recruiting. Because of the amount of data that is involved with real estate transactions, it can be daunting to pull that information together on a regular basis. Having immediate access to reports gives the broker the flexibility to not only meet on a regular basis, but at a quick glance when having a last minute meeting with an agent.

    Business planning for an agent can tend to be a bit overwhelming, but the most successful agents are committed to the process consistently.  Providing them reports on their production allows them to not only plan for their business, but  monitor the results throughout the year in order to adjust plans if necessary to achieve their goals.

  • Rae Gagnon. May. 11, 2020Loft47 is a solid cloud based application that manages real estate transactions, agents and document storage. It is user friendly and versatile such that we are able to build a platform of applications specific to the independent needs of each of our unique brokerage clients. It syncs seamlessly with the cloud based accounting software Xero. We've had only positive interactions with their integration and ongoing support teams. If you are considering a cloud based solution look no further than Loft47.
  • Nick Davies Nov. 24, 2020Simple design, easy to use and a great support system. I recommend Loft47 to real estate brokerages in need of a reliable project management system.
  • Richard Leblanc. Nov. 11, 2021 This is the most user-friendly and accurate website, easiest to navigate and gives the information needed, no more no less. I would recommend Loft47 to any Broker.
  • Shami Sandhu. Nov. 23, 2020 After looking at a number of other potential back-office solutions for our Western Canadian Brokerages, Realty ONE Group selected Loft47. The support team has been amazing helping us onboard and any ongoing support our franchisees. Strongly recommend their program for any size brokerage