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DUDUM REAL ESTATE: 150 Agents, 5 Offices in CA

We sat down with Dudum Real Estate’s Tracey Casella, Director of Operations, to discuss their back office journey and why they are now happily working with Loft47. Dudum Real Estate Group is an independently owned, thriving brokerage with more than 150 Agents in 5 offices including Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Brentwood, Danville, and Sierra Tahoe CA.

Watch the video to learn about their journey or read it about it in the our blog post From Scorching Disappointment to Unparalleled Success: Why Dudum Real Estate Swears by Loft47.

DOBI REAL ESTATE: 111 Agents in Birmingham MI 

One brokerage that has experienced the benefits of Loft47 firsthand is Dobi Real Estate. Dobi Real Estate is a Michigan-based brokerage with a vision for growth and expansion. With 111 agents and plans to open multiple locations in the metro Detroit area, Dobi Real Estate needed a commission management solution that could support their ambitious goals.

We sat down with Jasmine Goryoka, who recommends Loft 1000%, to talk about their experience working with Loft47,  watch the videos or read about their experience on our blog's post: A Success Story in Commission Management – Streamlining Operations and Maximizing Efficiency

COSTELLO REAL ESTATE: 367 Agents, 4 Offices in North & South Carilona

Costello Realty, founded by husband and wife duo John and Natalie almost a decade ago, set out to be different from traditional brokerages. Their mission was to empower agents and invest in their growth, rather than burdening them with fees and limitations.

When Costello Realty discovered Loft47, recommended by a friend in the industry, they saw an opportunity to transform their commission management and accounting processes. Read more about how Costello was able to  Unlock the Secrets to Massive Growth with Loft47.

RE/MAX SUCCESS: 20 Agents Maryland 

RE/MAX Success is a full service independently owned and operated residential real estate brokerage firm conducting real estate transactions in the state of Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia. They've been working with Loft47 since 2020 and they give Loft a full 10/10 rating!

"Loft47 has truly transformed our commission management, allowing us to focus on what matters most – growing our business.” – Claire, RE/MAX Success. Read more on our blog post: The Power of Commission Management in Real Estate Accounting.

RE/MAX SUCCESS: 21 Agents in Medicine Hat, AB

In the fast-paced world of real estate, efficient office management is crucial for success. Real estate agents need comprehensive tools that streamline transactions, simplify bookkeeping, and provide reliable support. To gain deeper insights into the customer experience with Loft47, we spoke with Pam Schaufert, the lead accounting resource from RE/MAX Medalta.

RE/MAX Medalta maintains a healthy office with 21 Agents out of Medicine Hat Alberta. She shared her thoughts on the program and highlighted its benefits. Read more on our blog post: Revolutionizing Real Estate Office Management and the Power of Support.

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